Thursday, 5 September 2013


Next week I have the final coaching session with my young protege Michael.  What a total experience this has been for me!  When we first met, this ten year old was shy, a little unsure and pretty quiet - although even then I could see something in his work!  Now, we have a confident, articulate and very talented young writer and I cannot believe next week is our last session (although his mother has already asked if I might do a little refresher with him after Christmas).  Tonight, I asked him random questions about all the areas we've  covered; just to see how much he could actually remember and you know what?  He remembered practically everything!  I am so proud of him because really, he did this himself.  I just provided him with the tools!

When I started the Young Writer group, I had no idea how to go about it because, to my knowledge, nothing like it had ever been done before.  So imagine how up *$#@ street I felt I was when I was first approached by Michael's mum and asked to coach him professionally on a one to one basis!  If it was hard putting together a plan of action for a group of children with ages as diverse as six to eleven, then how on earth should one go about coaching one shy little boy!   But I did it!  I planned it.  I delivered it.  And Michael grabbed it with both hands!

You know, when I was growing up, all I ever wanted to do was write.  It is still all I ever think about.  But I can say, hand on heart and without any sense of doubt,  that sharing my own personal love of Creative Writing with so many youngsters, inspiring them to just give it a go - that has given me the biggest blast imaginable - more than getting published, more than holding my first published book in my own hands, more than seeing my first published piece at the age of twelve, more than anything.  Because I gave that to them and opened that door.

I seriously doubt I will ever call myself a failure again!!!

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Thought I was being clever tonight and would set up a new blog  just for my work.  Big mistake.  Found this other blog place on Google and it showed me step-by-step how to set up a new blog.  It looked so easy to do!   I picked this brilliant template and got as far as writing my greeting on the Home page - but when I closed it down to then go back in and check it, guess what - there is nowhere to sign in so you can carry on editing it.  So I shall just have to pretend that never happened and see if I can find something simpler.  I mean per-lease!  I thought this whole techno thing was supposed to simplify our life not complicate it.  I might just try one more time before I give up on it completely.  Tomorrow though, not tonight.  It's already almost 11pm!  Maybe I am just tired and not thinking straight!

Wanted to just say hi, really.  Feeling a bit sad,  My lovely old mum wasn't too well when I went to visit her today. And my Steve had to go into work early so - no-one to talk to.  I'll be okay by tomorrow.  It isn't that I am like Billy NoMates.  I just hate burdening others with anything.  Everyone knows me as happy-go-lucky Jilly, always got a smile.  And really most of the time I have. Just not tonight.  Pathetic, isn't it!