Sunday, 1 September 2013


Thought I was being clever tonight and would set up a new blog  just for my work.  Big mistake.  Found this other blog place on Google and it showed me step-by-step how to set up a new blog.  It looked so easy to do!   I picked this brilliant template and got as far as writing my greeting on the Home page - but when I closed it down to then go back in and check it, guess what - there is nowhere to sign in so you can carry on editing it.  So I shall just have to pretend that never happened and see if I can find something simpler.  I mean per-lease!  I thought this whole techno thing was supposed to simplify our life not complicate it.  I might just try one more time before I give up on it completely.  Tomorrow though, not tonight.  It's already almost 11pm!  Maybe I am just tired and not thinking straight!

Wanted to just say hi, really.  Feeling a bit sad,  My lovely old mum wasn't too well when I went to visit her today. And my Steve had to go into work early so - no-one to talk to.  I'll be okay by tomorrow.  It isn't that I am like Billy NoMates.  I just hate burdening others with anything.  Everyone knows me as happy-go-lucky Jilly, always got a smile.  And really most of the time I have. Just not tonight.  Pathetic, isn't it!

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