Friday, 27 November 2015

Blowing Kisses To The Moon ...

Did you see Wednesday night's full moon?  It was absolutely astonishing!  Huge and bright and looking down on us like some kindly old grandma watching over her charges.  I just could not take my eyes off it as I was walking home!  It filled my heart with a light and a hope that has been largely missing since my mum passed away.  It did not surprise me one bit - though Steve would think I was nuts - that, as I got to my front door, I instinctively turned round and blew that moon a great big kiss ...!

Spent two hours last night catching up on AYW admin.  Had three Blue Membership certificates to print off for new members - and at least eight assignments to read and comment on.  Children write the most amazing poetry you know.  One little girl's piece about fireworks nearly blew my socks off; her observations of the sight, sound - and even the smell - of Guy Fawks' Night could have been written by someone at least three times her age!  I guess that is why I run this group!  I just love nurturing that Creative spirit.

So have you got a busy weekend coming up? Steve & I are off to Twickers for a couple of rugby games tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday - hopefully finishing our Christmas shopping ... but we'll see.  I know what we are like ... or at least what Steve (shopoholic) is like!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Long Time No Write ...

Where on earth have I been since my last post in October?  I had no idea I'd been gone so long ( I am writing very poetically today, don't you think?) and had quite a shock when I realised I hadn't been back in almost a month!

Well - as you have no doubt guessed by now - I am truly fine and dandy.  The tooth extraction is but a bad memory - or a good one depending which way you look at it, I suppose - and I just need to be thinking about booking myself in for those fillings.  And I will - eventually.  As it is, this is only my fourth day back at the day job since my midweek break in Scarborough and I am well-pleased with how it is going.  But even better!  I came back from Scarborough last Saturday evening with a brand new children's book dancing around my head!  At long last!  I was beginning to think it would never happen again!

So what has been going on?  Well ...I have been busy thinking up new exercise sheets for my young writers and I am so happy with the way things are going!  I am horribly behind on the admin for it but I will catch up sooner or later!  I have been writing quite a lot of poetry of late - mainly haiku and senryu.  Here are a couple:

little bit of love
warms the cockles of your heart
then kisses your soul

veteran soldier
living on the streets after
all you've done - shameful

the poppy petal
memories in scarlet that
say we won't forget

Do you like haiku?  They are, I think, one of the most exquisite forms of poetry ever.  Some of the real old Masters can say more in a 17 syllable haiku than some writers ever get to say in a million words!    Quite, quite profound!

As for new book - well - let's just say the prologue is done ...