Monday, 7 July 2014


Still trying to fathom out my Kindle Fire HD.  It is my birthday tomorrow and I so wanted to get it by then! Never mind.  I will get it eventually!

Have been writing soooo much poetry lately.  I sometimes even surprise myself at the sheer volume of output!  Did you see my Rock 'n' Roll poem on Wattpad?  Ridiculously proud of it!   Oh and my second guest blog has appeared on the e-magzine Women Writers, Women's Books? And I may yet be asked for more so fingers crossed.

Have sent My Writer to yet another publisher.  I will not give up on this ever because I know it will sell. There is nothing else like it on the marketplace! Why shouldn't it sell?  I once said I could see it becoming to Creative Writing, what Ballet Shoes is to dancing.  And, having now run a writing group for children, I know there is a call for it.  Children must be encouraged to write because if they aren't, come 2057 there will be no new writers - just word machines churning out words for money.  You can see how passionate I am about this.  Kids are the most natural and talented story tellers in the world.  Their imagination, at this age,  is boundless and infinite and completely spontaneous.  Watch a couple of three year olds playing and you'll see what I mean!  Sorry to harp on; I will hop off the proverbial soapbox now.

Am seriously thinking of getting someone else in to help me run the Young Writer group.  Not too sure how to go about this but I might see if I can get an appeal in the local paper.  It would really help because there'd be more continuity  with the sessions.  At the moment I am having to just fit them in whenever I can.  it would be a lot better if it could consistently run at fortnightly intervals so if you know any writers in the Croydon area who might want to help keep the momentum going, please send them in my direction.  It is really important.

Okay - that is it for now.  Am off to play with my new toy.

Good Writing everyone!

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