Monday, 18 August 2014

All Systems Go ...

I have been unbelievably busy since my last post!  I have been away, had two family get-togethers,  a token Young Writer session, meetings, day job, proofs to read.  Oh yes.  it has all been happening!  In fact tonight I simply must finish proof-reading My Writer.  And I need to email The Society of Authors, update the Young Writer blog.  And I still need to get back to Wattpad before I am forgotten completely.  I love all this busy-busy-business and I am not complaining.  Not getting a lot of writing done though, apart from the poetry which is bombarding me at all times of the day and night! I have got to find time to start my new book.  How else will I be able to keep the momentum going?  Love it!

Wasn't it a complete shock about Robin Williams?   I remember him in Happy Days and Mork and Mindy. The first film I saw him in was The World According To Garp (the book of which by John Irving remains one of my all time favourites to this very day) and he was amazing in that, equally able to portray a confused teenage boy and a middle aged man in the space of a couple of hours.  He was also brilliant in Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting,  as the Genie in Disney's Aladdin and of course Mrs Doubtfire. There are quite a few others I remember him in - One Hour Photo, Night At the Museum and various others whose titles momentarily evade me. He was a very talented actor whose comedy timing was faultless and he will be very sorely missed.  If the papers are to be believed he was also the archetypal tragic clown - but I prefer to think of him as the gifted man he was.  Very sad really.

Still having problems with my Kindle Fire HD.  One night a week or so ago, when I emailed and asked for help,  someone rang me from Kindle and told me how to get it all going.  It seemed to be connected  - but, by the next day it was playing up again.  I have had it six weeks and haven't read a word on it apart from emails.  I really cannot understand what is going on with it.  I see other people with theirs and they never seem to have a spot of bother.  Me?  Forget it!  I have had nothing but bother.  So now what do I do?

Anyway.  better go.  It if 9.30 already and I still need to do the Young Writer blog.

Good writing!


  1. Hey Jill if you need help with the Kindle let me know.

    1. Any advice gratefully received. Did you get my other message?