Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sorry - Just HAVE To Share ...

I write this blog every so often and have absolutely no idea who reads it because I rarely get any feedback.  However - two people I know have recently told me they read it so it stands to reason that other people might. 

The only reason I mention it is because anyone who has stayed with it since I first began to blog a couple of years ago will be familiar with The Epic.  This is a novel I began around three years ago and wrote feverishly for months.  But then The Book (ie My Writer) took precedence because I knew I had to see that through.  All those months The Epic rested in the back of my mind (and a drawer) until I took it out and read through it a couple of weeks ago.

Last night, my very best friend in the entire world (outside of family of course) came for a spot of dinner and we talked about many things (we are in a very spiritual relationship as well as being great mates) including The Book (My Writer) and The Epic (as yet untitled).  Well - Paul - this one is for you.  I took up my pen this morning and wrote a whole new chapter!

Yep - The Epic is back on.  But better still.  I am WRITING again!

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