Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Finding My Pen ...

Yes ... I did get The Epic out the other day.  It is still out.  But I haven't as yet added anything to it.  That isn't to say I won't.  Just that it is taking my somewhat stunned Creative Juices a little while to get back into full flow.  I make no apologies for this.  I just crave your kind understanding.

The Young Writers had their final session of the summer the other Saturday.  We are back on 5th September.  I now have my work cut out trying to think of how to maintain the momentum and keep their interest.  I am thinking of trips out, more special awards, competitions, maybe get a couple of other local poets or writers in.  Perhaps I could appeal to you guys?  If you like to write and you are local to Croydon, why not get in touch.  It would do the Young Writers good to get a new perspective and you'd only have to come in and meet them, maybe show them some of your work and answer a few questions.  It would be brilliant!  Let me know if you can help or if you know someone else who could!

Am off to Jersey next week for ten days.  It has been a while since we were there so looking forward to it.  Think once we are back I will definitely have to get my head down, find some local autumn/winter/Christmas fairs so I can sell some more copies of My Writer.  Also work out exactly what my Writing Plan is!  I do know I have to get organised - it is what Mum would have wanted because she believed in me 150%

Don't talk to me about Waterstones by the way.  So much for them supporting local writers.  they have let me down big time.  Stay away from them - because unless you are a best-selling author they will turn their corporate noses up at you.  Go on Waterstones - prove me wrong ...

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