Monday, 4 April 2016

Happy April !!!

Hello everyone!  Well - can you believe that we are in April already?   Here's to a good one for all of us.  Now the days are longer, the evenings lighter and the weather's better (well - we can hope) plus we have the summer holidays to look forward to - and Steve & I have a couple coming up so lots to smile about.

Had an excellent Young Writer session on Saturday.  Now that we have had funding for the new book, work has begun in earnest to fill its pages with the work of these talented children. I had eleven youngsters turn up including three newbies and we were looking at writing reports.  Off they all went with their fact sheets and I puffed over to the librarian (I spend almost the entire hour running round the tables helping, listening and advising - it is truly a great way to work out!) who said kindly "Jilly, you're a victim of your own success!".  Not sure I am but this group certainly is!

Steve and I are getting ready to move - probably around September/October time - so we spent the rest of the weekend sorting out some space to keep all the storage boxes we're filling - which are already in danger of taking the place over!  I am making numerous trips to the charity shops but we have made barely a dent in our H U G E accumulation of stuff.  But then we have lived here since 1998 - and two people can gather a lot of stuff in seventeen years! Still - we managed before so I am sure we will manage again!

Have had confirmation of my talk at Croydon Writers next month so need to start preparing that soon. Not that it will be a problem for me to talk about writing for children for two hours!  Once I get started my passion takes over and my tongue runs away with me!

Better go - loads still to do tonight before I hit the sack.  And pray excuse all the exclamation marks - I am just so excited about Life.....

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