Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Way To Go Jodie!!!

I must tell you I was thrilled to bits when it was announced that Jodie Whittaker is going to be the new Doctor Who; especially since I was only saying two blogs ago that it is time the doctor regenerated as a female!  I don't know much about Jodie although I am obviously familiar with her presence but looking at her, I am convinced she will do this role great justice.

It is such a shame that the so-called die-hards are saying they'll be boycotting the show; especially in the 21st cntury when women have greater presence than ever before in most walks of life.  What does it matter if the Doctor is male or female as long as the show remains interesting, exciting and tells a great story?  Would Star Wars have been the same without Princess Leia?  Or the Alien films without Ripley?  Personally I can't wait to see Jodie become the new President of the World and I await her first appearance with bated breath.  Way to go, Jodie.  Way to go!

And now, as Monty Python used to say, for something completely different.  I was in the Crystal Palace Triangle the other day with my brother Paul who is visiting from Denmark.  For those not in the know, the Crystal Palace Triangle forms the heart of the Crystal Palace area and consists of a number of antique shops and the best flea-market in the South East.  This veritable Aladdin's Cave has everything you can imagine (and then some) and my brother - who is an accomplished artist and crafter - was smitten from the moment we walked in.  Steve and I have often been there and you will be surprised what we have found.  But amongst the treasures that caught my eye the other day were a number of old photograph albums - and I mean old.  They reminded me that I have some already stashed at home and today I got them out for another look and spotted something I had missed before.

One of the albums has around 24 photos in it of cricketers.  I knew they were there but upon examining them today I saw some had names written on them and I have been researching them all evening, names like J W Hearne, F E Woolley and G E C Wood.  What a discovery!  They all played for England and I think they took part in the 1925 Test Series!  Really!  Now you may not be interested in cricket but I totally love it,  In fact Steve and I were at the Beckenham Cricket Ground a couple of weeks back watching the Kent Spitfires beat Essex in the T20 Blast!  And, for the more romantic amongst you, cricket is also what brought Steve and I together.  But that's another story.  Anyway I was so excited when I realised what these old photos were that I have sent an email to the MCC Library.  They might like to see them; you never know.  So anyhow that is tonight's exciting news (exciting for me anyway).

Do have a bit going on with the Writing but I promise to update on that next time.  Right now - I'm off for some chocolate .... bye ...

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