Thursday, 7 September 2017

A Quick Reflection

2017 has been a funny old year so far.  At least it has for me.  I have been up one minute, down the next, full of ideas and enthusiam one day, completely apathetic the next. Most of the time I don't know if I am coming or going so how can I expect anyone else to?  One thing I have done is get back into the habit of writing regularly, whether it is my travel journal, my diary, a blog post, an article on Linked-In or a poem/story to mark a special occasion for someone else.  I have actually written quite a lot of poems this year, which is good.

There has been a lot going on in the background.  I have a book for children at a publishing company in New York (I would love to find a publisher or agent in New York - it is the publishing capital of the world!), and I have been seeking a publisher for my book about running a Young Writer group. The Young Writer group's 5th anniversary was celebrated and our first session back after the summer break looms large and exciting this Saturday (9th).  I am chuffed I got the new newsletter done in time, as well as the worksheets and an exciting appendage which I will go into more a bit later. I am in talks with a large company about producing a book with them but that one, I am afraid, at this point in time, is shrouded in secrecy.  I am just happy it is there hovering in the background in its rainbow mist - and when the time is right, I will let everyone know the details. So you see, I have not been idle.

There's been a lot going with friends and family as well. My friend Paul was ordained as a minister, my neice got married, we have two christenings coming up, Steve and I had our brilliant joint birthday do in July.  It has been somewhat manic, rather like a roller coaster ride.  And do you know what?  I wouldn't change a thing.

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