Wednesday, 5 June 2013

OKAY - I Get It ..

... you have no wish to communicate with me.  That is okay.  I'm happy just as long as people are reading.  And you could always change your mind later.  The offer of the free Evaluation still stands, so if you have second thoughts ...

Did a stupid thing last night.  Stubbed my toe - the second one in on the left foot.  Don't laugh.  It ain't funny!  It really hurts and this evening - despite being in a cold compress for several hours - the toe remains swollen and is rapidly going purple.  Mind you it probably wasn't helped by my hobbling around on it or day.  And when I put my shoe on this morning - the toe protested violently, throbbing and hurting from then on.  Poor toe.  We don't give toes the recognition they deserve really.  We don't even acknowledge them - unless we happen to stub them in the middle of the night!  I hope I haven't broken it.  If it gets any worse I may let my guard drop and go to the doctor.

Before the Stubbed Toe Incident, I had a mighty fine evening yesterday doing nice, safe, writerly things.  I sent some emails.  I picked up my 2013 Writers and Artists Year Book.  Flicked through it. Put it back down again.  But I did find two publishers I am going to pitch The Book to (no - not The Epic - that comes later).  I sent an email to one (as per W & A instructions) and a letter to the other (including the obligatory SAE - which has almost become as extinct as the dodo), so fingers crossed.

All right - I relent - I know you are dying to find out.  I am almost 9000 words into The Epic.  Two bizarre things yesterday presented themselves to be included in the story, neither of which I had even considered.  They just turned up out of the blue.  One of them is a character who, I am convinced, is destined to become Someone Very Important to the story.  I won't tell you what the other one is just yet; you'll find out soon enough.  But it is so curious, don't you think?  I just sit there writing merrily away when BANG! New Character arrives and demands to take top billing.  In fact that is the fourth new character to gatecrash the party since I began!  I mean, who is in charge here?  Clearly the characters.  I am their mere tool!  Keep 'em peeled (as Shaw Taylor used to say on Police 5) because I think other things are going to develop over which I have no say...

Good Writing!

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