Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Article - Publication

Found out today that The Article is likely to appear in Writing Magazine's September issue - available from August.  Just need to get the photo sorted so the camera is coming to the AYW session with me on Sunday.

Ordered some more business cards last night.  My last lot became null and void when The Hacker got into my previous email and corrupted it because nobody can access that one anymore.  Very pleased with the new design - quite striking.  What's more I found I could order a pad to tie in with them, a pen - I could have even ordered a t-shirt if I wanted to - all with the new image on.  Regret not getting the t-shirt now. Might have to go back and order one.  Never considered myself a brand before - but I am suddenly finding that if I want to improve my profile, I have to be a brand.  It has come as the same kind of shock I felt when I found out I'd somehow become akin to a commodity to my publisher.  That was weird.

Hope to set up a website soon - someone has offered me one free for a month so it might be worth a try.  I'd ask you what you think - but you never seem to reply for some reason or post a comment - even though I know this blog is being read quite a bit now. Please get in touch.  I don't bite you know!  All us writers have to stick together and support each other.  I sold two of my books today by the way and was asked to sign them.  That felt good too.

Come on Mr and Mrs Secretive - give Jilly a call.  Or at least just say hi in the comment box.  Who knows what kind of amazing creative power we could come up with working together!  First one to reply will get a free Reading and Evaluation for their latest story.  Now I can't say fairer than that can I?  And I speak as an experienced professional Creative Writing tutor.

Good writing!!!!

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