Thursday, 22 August 2013

Amazing ...

Something incredible happened yesterday!  I had my usual one hour coaching session with young Michael -  so far we have covered Ideas, Developing Ideas, Creating Characters, Planning, Drafting, Structure (to name but a few) - and he is doing really really well.  Yesterday, I gave him four titles and told him to choose one and then spend the rest of the session planning out the story he would write from that title in time for the next session, bearing in mind all the areas we have so far covered.

As usual, when the hour was almost up, I told him I was going down to update his mum on everything and he asked - no he begged and pleaded with me to stay for an extra half an hour.  He absolutely beseeched me!  I was totally gobsmacked.  Even his mum couldn't believe it when I told her.  This is how much this young man is enjoying these sessions; this is how much he gets out of each and every one!  And I opened that door for him.  Me.  And has it helped him? Yes - by God - I see incredible understanding and progress in him every time.  Has it built his confidence?  You better believe it!  But to be almost eleven and ask for more from a clapped-out old scribbler like me - well, that, my silent, invisible friends - is the single most gratifying experience of my entire writing life.  And that is the truth.

As I wandered back towards the bus stop (and no I didn't stay the extra half hour), I realized that I have something very special and unique that I can offer children like Michael and all my Young Writers - and that is (almost)  fifty years' worth of Writing Experience.    I was only seven when I started out.  There was nobody around to show me the way of Creative Writing so I had to learn it all for myself.  Maybe that's why I get such a thrill out of taking Creative Writing to the children?  After all it costs me absolutely zilch to share my passion.  And if I can have one ten year old like Michael begging me to stay for an extra half an hour, then I know I must be doing something right - or even something Write ...

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