Monday, 12 August 2013

Oh To Be A Writer ...

Sooo much stuff going on!  It is as if my entire Writing Career has woken up after a very long sleep.  And it is utterly amazing!

I have this little person living inside my Creative mind.  I have always just called her my writer and every so often she just resurfaces out of the blue - and suddenly all kind of doors start opening for me.  If I go through a torturous period of Writers Block, she skulks off and sulks in some dark cellar somewhere.  But she really doesn't like it there and I feel terrible leaving her there, so once in a while I invite her back into my writing life and she is all smiles and ideas and hugs me from somewhere deep inside myself! And that is usually when Things start happening! 

For example.  The Article (yes - the very one that first led me to you all those months ago) has just been published in Writing Magazine.  It appears on pages 60 and 61 and reads rather bloody brilliantly (even if I say so myself, which I do).  If just one person reading it decides to give it a go and start a group for local young writers, I will consider my work well done.  Also, my coaching sessions with young Michael are going unbelievably well.  His mum has even asked me to do an extra couple of sessions with him after the final one which was originally scheduled for late August.  What's more, he is getting so much out of it.  What a smart kid!  He is so eager and keen and he hangs on to my every word, absorbing it all like some literary sponge.  I am so proud of the progress he has already made.  Who would have thought something as simple as a one hour Creative Writing  session  on a one-to-one basis could go so well?

On top of all that I have finally - yes finally - got round to submitting the opening chapters and a synopsis of The Book to a fairly new company who spring from the loins of much larger publishing conglomerate.   AND the ideas have started just flowing in from everywhere - I entered a poetry competition the other day on the spur of the moment and wrote one of the best poems I ever have!  All without months of planning, re-drafting, jigging.  The poem came to me and I wrote it.  Job done.  I have been rediscovering long lost manuscripts which I know I can just re-draft and find markets for.  The Young Writers group (currently on summer holidays, rather like the government) is going to be re-launched in September.  And as for The Epic - well ...

Actually scratch that last bit because The Epic and I had a temporary falling out.  But you will be pleased to hear we have since kissed and made up and I am back on track with it (or rather it's back on track with me), so keep watching this space.

Remember that old movie where Jimmy Cagney (I thinks it was) says "Top o' the world, ma!" - well I think I am almost there with him and if any editors are reading this who need a writer get in touch - because right now my pen and I are completely invincible!!!!!!!

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