Tuesday, 12 November 2013


What is going on with laptop?  The cursor keeps jumping about all over the place necessitating constant editing.  It started about a week and I have no idea why.  Here is what a typical sentence looks like:

the cat sat on the mat the cat sa the maat the mt t on the cat sat on the cat sat on the mat

The middle bit where the italics are, show you how the cursor keeps jumping from word to word. It even jumps a whole line occasionally so something that should only take a few minutes is taking me forever and a
day!  Any ideas anyone?  In fact it is driving me so mad I might be forced to save this and finish it at the day job tomorrow...

Next Day
Well gentle reader, I did not have time to complete this at the day job, so will have a go now.  Made some enquiries today.  I was looking for a kindly laptop therapist who will be able to sort out my keyboard's problems and not charge me the earth.  Alas the two seldom go together but a nice young man in Maplins recommended a place near where I live so I will go in search of this mecca at the weekend.  Fingers crossed.  Maybe if I don't rush or lose my rag with my errant cursor for a bit, I might even get this post finished sometime before two o'clock in the morning.  Well - you never know.

Now where was I?  Oh yes - the publisher for The Book.  Well I am going along the self-publishing route but with some external assistance and guidance.  This is a good chance for me to test the waters in preparation for the eventual re-launch of the Yucketypoo books, now that the rights belong to me again..And  - if it all goes well, I think even my poetry may see the light of day at some point.

I know I always seem to be saying this but once I am all sorted - laptop happy, young writers running again, study move completed, Christmas put back to bed and the new year underway - I might even be able to actually put my two-year plan into action.  Except I have already made a start because I have finally renewed my subscription with Writing Magazine.  And I have already reclaimed Yucketypoo.   And I have already reached a decision about The Book - so maybe I am not the queen of the procrastinators after all.  But I am starting to find my errant cursor a minor irritation so I think I will say cheerio for now.  PLEASE drop me a line and say hi.  Bye!!

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