Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Hallowe'en!!

Just thought I would round off October with a quick post since I have been somewhat negligent of late - sorry for that.  Got back a week or so ago from a midweek break to the Isle of Wight.  We were sooo lucky with the weather!  We had one big storm and then lovely autumn sunshine for the rest of the week.

Does anyone out there know how to fully utilize twitter?  I am trying to raise my profile by writing regular "twaikus" via my mobile phone.  But I never seem to get any response so wondered if I was doing it right?  Is there a Twitter For Dummies book?  If not - why not?  I'd write one myself except I don't know how to utilize Twitter!  Here are a couple of my "twaikus":-

Where autumn turns the leaves
to gold, my heart is golden, too.
Feel the love I'm sending out
especially for you.

Sitting here in suit and boot,
I raise my coffee cup.
Tonight is when the weekend starts;
the only way is up.
Missed the rain,
snoozed on the train,
coffee at Nero's,
caffiene heroes,
ready now to face the day
AND the weekend's on its way.

Ok - I know they are sickeningly cheesy, but hey - at least I am writing poetry again.  And that is about all I can manage this lunchbreak.

Any Twitterites able to help..?

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