Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Amazing ...

It is a cold, wet, windy night and, as I sit here at my desk, I can see the raindrops running down the windows and the trees swaying in the wind beyond.  It seems like it has been raining forever but oh, did I see the most amazing rainbow this afternoon?  It swooped across the sky like an artists pallet, very vivid and beautiful! Quite took my breath away!  I'm sorry but I am a sucker for nature's brilliance.  I make sure I notice the magpies playing in the tress, the squirrels racing round the park, the rabbits nibbling at Mitcham Common - anything and everything that compounds the natural world, really.  Everytime I see a sunset or a sunrise or a garden covered in pure white snow, it stirs something within me.  Maybe that is why I am a writer and poet?  It is so nice to know that what stirs me has also stirred writers of times past.  The world maybe moving into a thoroughly cyber age, but no matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be flowers, trees, animals, people and nature to look at in awe and love.

I had a good start to February.  I am up to date with all the Young Writer stuff, have The Book at a publisher and, yesterday, I got home from the day job to find two pieces of published work awaiting me - one is a letter in the latest Writing Magazine, the other is a poem entitled - rather appropriately - HOPE.  I am just so lucky, really.  If I can keep that up then the sky is the limit!  Of course I would love to write full time and earn a living from it - but even if I never get paid from my writing again, I will always love it!  There are lots of things I could live without.  But I could never ever live without my writing!

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