Tuesday, 21 January 2014


You would not believe how unwell I have been the last few days!  I haven't actually been right in weeks.  I have had this on/off sore throat/cold/virus thing since mid-December but the annoying thing was that in between the bouts - and even during the bouts sometimes - I didn't feel ill; I just felt under the weather.  The sore throat would arrive, hurt for two days and then go and then three days later the sneezes would come for 24 hours and then the sore throat would come back.  It was actually getting right up my nose - literally!  And then, lo and behold, last Friday I started to cough.  I woke up Saturday with a sore throat (again) and by Sunday I had lost my voice completely and the throat felt like it was full of razor blades (remember those? They were what we used before No-No came long - allegedly).  I went off to the doctor yesterday morning and guess what?  I have laryngitis.  So I am on antibiotics.  And all day Sunday and yesterday, I also had a raging temperature.  So I didn't go to work yesterday.  And I didn't go today (the first days I have had off sick in around 18 months).  Finally by about mid-morning today, I began to feel noticeably better.  And my voice - although still gravelly and hoarse ( nay -I said hoarse not horse!) and somewhat sexy like Honor Blackman - is slowly returning to normal.  I am going back to work tomorrow and my manager has promised to find me something to do that will not require me using the phones for the day - which is fine by me.

My sister Sharon - bless her darling heart - said to me "Why don't you use the time to write?".  And I said to her "Good idea!".  But today is the first day I have actually felt like a) getting back to the laptop and b) thinking beyond the next daytime TV show or snooze.  Ah well - never mind - at least I seem to be on the mend now.  And don't you just hate blogs where all people talk about is how ill they have been with their man-flu or aches and pains?  I would never do such a thing!  Honest - you know what I'm like!

So - how are things out there in Blogland?  Do you know what I did the other week in between sore throats and sneezes?  I set up a proper Twitter account.  And guess what?  I already have 12 followers (hey - I know others have got thousands.  And Stephen Fry has about eight million!) but I am a novice tweeter so I don't think 12 followers after two weeks is so bad.  At first I thought - now what?  Do I personally reply and thank everyone?  Is that what Stephen did with his eight million?  He must have tweeted once a minute for the past 750 years to manage that!  In the end I posted one tweet thanking everyone who is following me for following me.  I wasn't sure what else I could do.  And I am still not sure, if I am honest.  I suppose it is like everything else - it gets easier the more you do it.  Now where was I - oh yes - asking how things are in Blogland.  I would also like to physically ask any other writers who regularly blog to tell me how I can follow their blogs?  Nothing feeds off writers like writers and I think it would be really nice sometimes to find out what other writers are doing (as well as writing, I mean) but I don't even know how to start.  So if you are reading this and you are a writer, could you let me know?

Okay - that's quite enough from me.  And if I sound a tad flippant, pray ignore.  I am probably delirious from the hot lemons and antibiotics .....

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