Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I set up a Twitter account not so long ago.  Over the months I have learned how to use it to the best advantage, especially from a Writing point of view.  It is great being able to tweet other writers - even people like Dick King Smith  - whom I would never have imagined exchanging comments with before!  Not only has it opened huge doors to me as a writer wanting to communicate with other writers, it has even led to a couple of commissions and yesterday I emailed an article to an editor who had invited me to write something she could feature in her online magazine.  It is only a short "guest blog" on writing for children but she has also asked for one about setting up a Young Writer group and I am working on that  now.  It has given me the opportunity to access articles and features about - and by -  other writers.  It is like belonging to the largest Virtual Writing Group in the world and I love it.  Since learning how to use it I have plugged The Book and the Young Writer group relentlessly and posted a lot of poetry.  There are still things I am none too sure about - like tweeting a photograph.  But that will come in time. If you are interested, you can reach me on @Jilly66408011
and all "follows" will be acknowledged!

Can't wait to hear from you!

Good Writing!

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