Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WOW ....

Have just found another possible opening on Twitter.  I also saw a poetry competition plugged on there today, which I WILL be entering.  I keep reading that we writers and poets should utilise social media and the internet and lately I have found myself drawn into it more than ever.  I am even thinking of getting a Kobo or Kindle for crying out loud!  And I said I would NEVER do that because I love real live, page-turning, beautiful books far too much.  But where the trends go - as a writer - I willingly follow (but I still draw the line at Facebook) because I am keen to keep up with the evolution of the written word, wherever that may take me!  And if anyone had told me a year ago I'd be saying that today, I'd never have believed them.

Still hunting for an agent or publisher for My Writer.  I cannot believe it is taking me so long when I know without a modicum of doubt, that there is nothing like it on the market place.  I am always reading how finding a gap in the market place is tantamount to getting published yet I have found one and nobody wants to know.  What's more with the Young Writer group working out so well and heading towards its third year, plus the discovery of a similar group for children somewhere in London, I also happen to know that there are more children out there interested in Creative Writing than anyone could guess.  Ah well - another thing drummed into all us writers and poets is how long it took other writers and poets to get their work published - Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach was rejected over two dozen times before anyone took that seriously.  Even Harry Potter took a while to find a home with Bloomsbury.  And Hugh Montgomery had to self-publish The Voyage of The Arctic Tern before a mainstream publisher expressed an interest, so I will just keep plugging away.  I know My Writer is right for someone.  I just don't know who yet.

By the way - more great news - but on a family level this time - I have just become Great Aunt to baby Harry, born last Friday.  And youngest daughter is getting married again in October to the nicest guy! Need one more great event to make it the magical Three (as in things always happening in threes) - which reminds me - I MUST check our lottery tickets tomorrow.  Maybe we'll win enough for me to Write Full Time!  Well you never know ...

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