Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Along Came A Tweet ...

I tell you I am really starting to get this e-thing!  I have posted two pieces of work on Wattpad and other people have actually read them!  I am getting tweets and follows from writers, editors, publishers ... now I can see what all the fuss is about!  The Electronic Gateway has been opened and stuff is pouring through it. But even though I am getting a great kick out of connecting with so many like minded people, I am seriously going to have to remember that, first and foremost, I am a writer!  And that means writing and not spending hours trawling the internet.  So here I am.

Did anyone see the latest Young Writer blog post? If you did you'll see that the group is coming together really well.  There is finally going to be an exhibition of the children's work in October.  I am going to tell them at the next session so they can start thinking about what they'd like included.  And the sessions themselves are such an improvement on what they used to be.  I have learned so much since the group started two years ago and that knowledge is giving me more structure and more options.  And I am still getting enquiries about it, which is really encouraging.  Scanning the internet a couple of weeks back, I found another Young Writer group on there - the Chelsea Young Writers.  So I have contacted them and am hoping to meet up with the organiser in the near future so we can exchange ideas.  Hers is done on a much bigger scale than mine though.  I think they have sessions most afternoons whereas I can only hold two a month.  But it is great to find someone else out there who can see potential at every turn.  I cannot wait to meet up!

Oh yes - and in case you are wondering, The Book is currently with another publisher - a traditional one this time - so fingers crossed.   It has been there just over a week so it is early days yet but I am still hoping this will be THE one.  All the best books take ages to get recognised and mine is no different.  In the meantime its is good to know there are other options out there.

Off to Devon this weekend - hope the weather stays good.  Must remember to take my Holiday Journal.

And that is about it for now me thinks!  Look forward to seeing you when I get back - or not seeing you!
Good Writing!

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