Sunday, 21 September 2014

Busy Busy Busy ...

Great Young Writer session yesterday.  I had ten members in including one newbie and a random enquiry from a passing parent when the session ended.  Next week I will start collating what will go into the display at the exhibition next month.  The children are getting very excited about seeing their work on view and I am so proud of them.  See  to see how incredibly well it is all going!

Finished the Charity story last week - including the second draft.  I am now putting it into print and have realised the only way I can really raise funds from it for Jeans for Genes is to personally print off and bind any copies requested.  Unless there is a local printer out there who fancies doing it for free - after all it is for a very good cause?  No?  Ah well - I live in hope!   My colleague at work will get the first copy I print off because I wrote it for her.  She will obviously get hers free.  The story is a rather fantastical adventure story called Superjack At The Edge Of the World and it has all kinds of weird and wonderful characters in it, including  Captain Twoheads Nosescratch - the most notorious Space Pirate in the whole ten million year history of space piracy!  More about this after I have finalised it.

Can't remember if I mentioned a month or two ago that I had contacted the local council with an idea to write a series of stories for children to put my hometown on the map.  Have been advised to look into funding and have no idea where to start.  I might see if there are any grants available from the local authority.  I might also look at this new trend - crowd-funding - which I plan to research over the next few days.  I keep hearing about it.  Just don't actually know anything about it.  The idea for the local story books seems to have met with approval.  Now I just need to work out how to go about it!

No further news as yet on the publication of My Writer.  David my publisher is on annual leave and not back till 29th September so the whole project is currently on hold.  Should be available to buy or order from the end of November and once I know for sure, I will spread the word.  I will also organise a proper launch.

Anyway, better go.  Words to write.  Books to finish.  You know how it is for a writer -  busy busy busy!

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