Sunday, 30 November 2014


Hi gang.  As usual here is my grovelling apology for not being in touch for a while.  Sorry.  I seem to fit 48 hours into every 24 and I still seem to be forever running out of time!  Don't get it.  Mind you - lots going on (as ever).  I am still getting Superjack orders!  Have decided to wait till the new year before I send my donation for Jeans For Genes - but suffice it to say I will be sending a slightly larger cheque than I originally anticipated!  Also - I have now worked my way through three My Writer proofs and think it is now as perfect as I can get it.  The first time I held that delicious little book in my hand I loved it - warts and all.  Now the warts are all gone and I just need to confirm the final proof and - voila - I will be able to announce an actual publishing date  . SOOOOO excited; I cannot wait for people to see it!  Am planning a proper launch hopefully in February so watch this space.

On top if all that - the Young Writers continue to thrive.  I had twelve children at the most recent session.  We have had to commandeer another table and four more chairs!  And there's only two more sessions this side of Christmas! OMG!  Went out yesterday and bought twenty selection packs to give them for Christmas.  I didn't know what else to give them!  It used to be a notebook and pen but they get one of those now when they actually join - should've thought of that sooner, I suppose.

As far as Christmas is concerned - well - hubby & I are almost done.  We have just two more family gifts to get then we can finish each other's.  To be honest we are both struggling because we have been together for over three decades, living together for two and married for one and a half.  There isn't much we need these days really.  Apart from a bigger house!  And we can't afford one of them just yet.

I will get back before Christmas but I am going to bid you goodnight for now.  So much for my early night!!!!!

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