Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Superjack On The Fly ...

Okay - so the charity story Superjack At The Edge Of The World did not make the top bestseller list or get a look in with Richard and Judy - but it has been a huge success!  I have received orders for another four today which I shall put together tonight.  That means a cheque will be winging its way to Jeans for Genes within the next few days. That to me is Success!

The really great thing for me is that the whole Superjack story came to me the second I suggested a fund-raising story to my colleague Claire at the Day Job - whose own little boy succumbed at age just three - to some rare and little known syndrome for which there is currently no cure.  When I wrote the first draft, I did so sitting in my favourite coffee shop the following morning, before starting the Day Job.  I just knew what to say, who the characters were, how the story would develop and even how it would end.  And - because I cannot draw to save my life - I had to make sure it would read well aloud, so I had to give it page-turn-ability in order to keep its target audience interested without the aid of brightly coloured illustrations.  And I did it!  Feedback has been great.  That to me is Success!

Last week I had two more poems published and tomorrow - yes tomorrow I will finally be signing off My Writer.  It has taken a bit longer than I had anticipated but hey - on the penultimate leg now so Watch This Space.  So you see Success is Out There in whatever way, shape or form it is in.  This is the message I try to instill in my Young Writers - and indeed in every student who has ever attended one of my courses or workshops.  Being a Writer isn't about being a millionaire superstar (not that I'd complain if it happened to me - but who would?), it is about getting words on paper, getting it out there so people can see it and touch it and become part of it.  Nobody can write like you can.

That to me is Success.

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