Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had an awesome Festive season?  Mine was amazing!  Spent Christmas Day & Boxing Day quietly with Steve but then on 27th the Merry-Go-Round gathered speed and I felt like one of the kids in Mary Poppins where the wooden carousel horse comes off its pivot and gallops across the countryside!  Had lunch at Niece's and presented Great Nephew with a build-a-bear teddy which he immediately began to chew on!  After Lunch, Niece and Nephew-In-Law plus Great Nephew joined us on a trip to visit ailing mum for her 84th birthday do, where we met with a dozen other assorted family members and virtually took the Care Home over.  On 28th, Steve & I raced down to Southend to visit Youngest Daughter & family for the Long family Christmas do, spent the night at an hotel, raced home on 29th in order to pack for 30th when we were heading off on a New Year break to Morecambe.  Reached Hotel on 30th around 4.30 - what a treat - bowl of fruit and chocolates in our room and two bottles of wine!  Brilliant food served up over the next four days including a Gala Dinner on 31st, loads of entertainment laid on - can't remember the last time New Year was so much fun! Finally got back from Morecambe on 2nd and began to get back into Normal Mode in preparation for returning to work.  So didn't stop really!  Had a horrible chest infection all over New Year mind, but refused to let it spoil my fun!   Still have it and think I might have to get some antibiotics because it isn't shifting!

And then yesterday - our new grandson arrived - all 8lbs,15ozs of him!  Going back to Southend this Saturday coming for a visit and can't wait!

So now it is a case of trying to get back into some kind of routine.  The paperback edition of My Writer is available from the end of January and I need to arrange a launch and some book signings. Have also pledged to actually write more this year and find a new publisher to take on the Yucketypoo books.  Maybe then the third one will finally get published.  Plus I have the Young Writers to think about and I need to ensure that continues to gain momentum having brought it this far!  So looks like it will be another busy year!

Happy New Year!

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