Thursday, 29 January 2015

Good Health Good Health - Wherefore Art Thou?

I have been ridiculously poorly again the past few days.  Woke up with a real hum-dinger of a cold the other day but fortunately it had faded to a vast degree by this morning just leaving me with the sneezies and a slightly sore throat.  And on top of that (all being well) I have a small operation coming up in hospital next Tuesday (as long as the cold has completely abated )!  I mean what a carry-on.  I am falling apart at the seams!  Keep telling Steve I plan to trade myself in for a new model but he won't hear of it.   Ah well - such is life.  Especially as you enter the more - shall we say mature - phases!  And there was me thinking it was all about taking things easy!

Had a good writing session last Saturday with my Young Writers.  It is kind of weird but I have always been the same - even going back to when I ran courses for adults many a moon ago - I always start out each session anxious something will go wrong.  But then everything goes really well.  I had twelve children in last weekend including a new member so the group continues to maintain its momentum!  I am just so proud of these kids.  They just work so hard and really apply themselves - yet they seem to enjoy every session more than the last!  I am so lucky really!  I am pretty much living my dream.

Met new grandson the other Saturday.  He is so totally gorgeous!  Then last Saturday, Steve and I traveled down to Basildon to see our extraordinarily talented eldest granddaughter in a show put on by her stage school.  She played Luisa in the Sound Of Music sequence and she did it brilliantly.  And I am not one bit biased (!).  Just need to get down and see our grandsons play football now.  But it's already the end of January and we are fast running out of weekends!  Lord what crazy lives we lead.

That is it for now but I will leave you with this thought - If You Want To You Will, If You Don't Want To - You Won't.

Good writing everyone.

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