Sunday, 15 February 2015


Within two weeks I should have my initial stock of 100 copies of My Writer right here in my study!  So on 21st March I am going to hold the official launch at the local library straight after the Young Writers session!  Now I need to publicise it as much as possible and am busily designing fliers, posters and invitations!  All very exciting.  In fact it is so exciting that, once the launch is over I will be at a complete loss!  Obviously need to maintain the momentum so I will be arranging some signings as well - lots of letters to write and emails to send.  Talk about learning curve!   Not sure I have it in me to self-publish at this level again.  Probably be easier if I didn't have a Day Job taking up so much of my time.  As it is I am doing everything during my free time and there just ain't enough hours in the day!  Not that I am complaining - it was my project and I have achieved a dream and - it must be said-  I simply couldn't  have got this far with it if it wasn't for my Steve!  I know how fortunate and lucky I am to have such a supportive husband whose belief in my writing endeavours knows no bounds!  So get your diaries out.  If Croydon is not too difficult to get to, come along to Ashburton Library, Shirley Road, Croydon, Surrey on 21st March between 11 and 12 for The Big Launch.  Be good to meet you!

So what has been going on since my op?  Well - went back to work last Monday.  Nearly killed me.  I hit this brick wall around 2 in the afternoon and got through the next three hours on auto-pilot, I was so tired.  It did get easier as the week went by though and by Thursday it was as if I'd never been away.  And on Friday I got my All Clear letter from the hospital.  Massive relief!  Yesterday - Valentine's Day of course, Steve and I head down to Southend on Sea to take buy birthday presents for grandsons who turned 8 and 7 within a day of each other.  And for a sneaky snuggle with their baby brother of course who is absolutely thriving and has started to smile.

Visited Mum today.  She seemed in quite good spirits - she just looks so little and helpless.  But she still has a wicked sense of humour I can tell you!  Made me roar with laughter a couple of times.

So that is about it for now.  Will be back in a few days.

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