Friday, 6 February 2015

I'M ALIVE!!!!!

Had my little op on Tuesday.  Cried and slept most of Wednesday and yesterday began to feel so much better!  Went all day yesterday without the need for a single dose of painkillers!  And today - well - what can I say?  I have actually Been a Writer most of the morning, sending out the Press Release for My Writer, planning tomorrow's Young Writer session and bringing the admin up to date. I love Writer Days!  Despite the fact I am sitting at a desk tapping away at the laptop, just being an active writer gives me an Adrenalin rush like no other!  It is no use.  I need to win the lottery.  Not billions.  Just enough to either comfortably give up the day job or, at the very least, cut my hours so I can have one day a week when I can do things like this!!!!!

Did you get much snow?  We have hardly seen any and today it is totally gorgeous outside - all sunshiny and springy.  I know my window gazes out over trees and rooftops, but I still feel as inspired as I would if I had an Artists's Cottage up in beautiful Braemar for a few weeks!  Believe it or not I have actually already seen two trees covered in froths of pink blossom.  It's true.

My plans for this afternoon are to sidle onto my comfortable sofa and browse the 2015 Children's Writers and Artists Year book (thank you parents-in-law) because I want to find another publisher for the Yucketypoo books.  It was such an honour to be commissioned to write two more once I found a publisher - and such a bloody shame that everything then fell through before the third one could be published.  Especially since I have had stockists telling me they'd be happy to sell the whole trilogy - but not the individual books!  And the amount of people still asking me for their copy of the third one!  Shows me that these books have the potential to be timeless as our awareness of the environment continues to grow - especially the awareness of the children who will inherit this beautiful world of ours.

Anyway we shall see.  What's that?  11.06?  Must be coffee time!

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