Sunday, 13 September 2015

Soldiering On ...

Had a bit of a sort out here in my study this evening.  I don't know why this room always gets so cluttered!  Everything just gets dumped here and I simply cannot work in such confusion.  A disorganised study leads to a disorganised brain - a wise man said that once - or something similar. Anyway that saying works for me right now.   Our boiler was recently given its annual overhaul.  It is in a cupboard just big enough for the suitcases and a couple of holdalls - so we have to empty it so the engineer can access the boiler.  Where to put the suitcases?  In the study!  With such a big extended family, Steve and I are buying Christmas presents almost all year round.  Where do they end up?  In the study!  We keep saying we're going to do a boot sale (quite ambitious considering we don't have a car and therefore no boot) - where does it all end up in boxes?  Oh dearie me.  In the study!  When I walked in here earlier, I felt hemmed in at every side - by cases, bags, boxes ... I almost felt claustrophobic!  So I had to do something!  How can I ever be a writer when I am working in a storage bin!  After re-distributing things a bit more evenly and throwing the cases and bags back in the boiler's cubby-hole and rearranging everything, I now have a workspace I can use.  And with Bob Marley Buffalo-Soldiering in the background, I thought I'd come straight to my blog.  After all here we are two weeks into September with not so much as an exclamation mark to pass between us (well - to pass from me to you my silent readers who never comment).

The Young Writers had their first session of the new school year last Saturday.  It went soooo well! I had ten children turn up!  Very pleased.  The next one is on the 19th.  Racking my brain on the best way forward.  Have already asked about some guest speakers and am waiting for responses from them.  Also planning to hold at least one competition a quarter.  And arrange a couple more trips out. All these experiences are good for the Young Writers.  But in between various events, I still have to keep them writing or else what is the point?  One thing I am rather pleased about is the fact I finally got round to putting the first newsletter together.  It has only taken me six months but better late than never.  And it isn't half bad either.  If you want to find out what else is happening with the Young Writers, why not look at their blog (

It is Steve's birthday on Wednesday.  We seem to have developed this tradition over the past few years where we each surprise the other with a trip out somewhere.  My treat for him this year is tickets to see Sunny Afternoon - a show featuring all the Kinks biggest hits from the 60s - which is but definitely his era.  Plus lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe because I know he has never been and will love the vault which is full of music memorabilia and a souvenir shop  I think he'll be happy with that.

What other news do I have?  Uhhm!  Oh -it is almost 11pm.  Better hit the sack then.  Day job tomorrow...

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