Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Christmas Is Coming ...

Have been given the opportunity to put a poem I have written on the front of a Christmas card.  This is something I have often thought of doing and never done and this year I grabbed Rudolf by the antlers and decided to go for it!  Having made the decision, I thought - okay - time to write the actual poem now.  Which is when I found myself in the inhospitable desert known as WritersBlocksville.

Some years ago, I was commissioned on a boiling hot June day to write a Christmas story for toddlers in no more than 200 words.  Hello WritersBlocksville!  In the end I closed the curtains on a balmy summer evening, lit the fire, put on Christmas music and - hey presto - along came the story!  Maybe I could try that ruse again?

Where my poem is concerned back here in 2015, I had to set myself a remit.  I didn't want something mushy or treacly or too fantastic.  I didn't want something preachy or too religious either.  I wanted it to appeal right across the age barrier from ages 3 to 103.  After  several false starts I hit on the perfect Cheat - like go through my archive of old poems.  Found half a dozen possibilities and thought - yeah - could maybe re-write it, make a few changes - bring it up to date.  Tried it.  Hello WritersBlocksville. 

Husband Steve said to me the other day  "How's your Christmas poem coming on?"  Mumbled something abut working on it.  He said "Well - don't forget the deadline's coming up ..."  Decided there and then to give it one final crack.  And along came the poem - the most perfect, balanced, Christmassy poem I think I have ever written.

And the moral of this story?  Well ... there isn't one really.  What's that?  You want to see the poem?  Sorry - that will have to wait ...

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