Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas - G'ud New Year

One last quick post for 2015.  As we embark on the Festive Season, I wanted to wish everyone an amazing Christmas and a truly spectacular 2016.  Hope you are all full of  anticipation as we go into our new writing year - I know I am and I am very excited about it because I have decided to devote the whole year to poetry.

Don't get me wrong.  Writing for children is a wonderful gift and I truly cherish it.  When My Writer was published in February and, by all accounts, seems to be maintaining sales, I knew I'd be hard-pushed to follow it up.  I tried several new ideas - and am, in fact - still working on a couple.  But my poetry has really been neglected and that is where I have had most of my success over the years.  I am still writing it a lot, but I am then doing nothing with it.  So in 2016, I will start entering competitions again, submitting to poetry magazines and sites and make it my aim to publish at least one collection of it by this time next year.  And in 2017 - the year I turn 60 - I will spring a new children's book on the world and dedicate it to my mother! 

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a healthy, happy & successful New Year.

Love you all my silent readers.  God bless.

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