Tuesday, 8 December 2015

ONE WRITER TO ANOTHER - AYW Welcomes Ciaran Murtagh

Had a brilliant Young Writers session on Saturday.  A local writer - Ciaran Murtagh - came along and did a little talk and watching him fired up the writer in me no end!  His way with the children was a joy to see.  He knew exactly how to reach them at their own level and did they ever love him for it!  I was chuffed to see they'd brought in lists of questions to ask him and he did brilliantly, talking about his writing career, reading from one of his books, coming up with the simplest yet most effective way of igniting the creative flow I have ever seen (and I have met lots and lots and lots of writers over the years all of whom had something to contribute) which I am even going to try myself next time I get stuck in Writersblocksville.   We even exchanged autographed copies of our work which was great since I wasn't able to actually pay him a fee.  It all went so well I am going to double my efforts next year to get other local writers in.  It can only be beneficial to the Young Writers to get a different perspective.  And it all helps them to develop their skills.  So huge thanks to Ciaran for making such an occasion out of that 45 minutes - and, of course, to the library staff for hosting the event.

So how are your Christmas plans coming along?  Steve and I still haven't finished our Christmas Shopping!  Every time we think we've got close - up pops another relative!  But I do think we are actually pretty close now.  We spent all afternoon last Saturday wrapping up stuff for the grandchildren and I did another two and a half hours worth last night.  Surely there can't be much more?

I will add a bit more to this later.  Have a good day.

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