Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Love This Writer's Life

I have really had the most phenomenal few weeks by the way.  Our daughter took us out for a Father's Day meal on Sunday and my grandson said to me  "Any new books lately ...?"  and as I shook my head, I explained about the talk I recently did for Croydon Writers, the workshop with Croydon Literacy, the stall I had at Croydon heritage Festival on Saturday where I not only sold copies of "My Writer" and the AYW book "Word Magic", but I was approached by several people to do talks, an editor who is "always look for contributors" and a number of writers/poets just starting out who were eager for advice!  Only realised that everyone else at the meal was listening when they chorused "Been busy then ..." .  And I haven't even finished yet!  I have a stall at a local school fayre this Saturday (25th), have seen my article "Writing For A Younger Audience" reappear in the on-line magazine "Women Writers - Women's Books" just this morning and it isn't long till I start laying out the new "Word Magic" book!

Am I fortunate or what?  And I am so grateful for all the opportunities coming my way!

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