Thursday, 21 July 2016

Getting Ready To Move ...

Boxes!  At the moment we eat, sleep and dream boxes!  Boxes of Keep stuff, boxes of Charity stuff, boxes of - well - stuff .  We cannot wait to get into our new place now, I think we have both had enough of boxes.  How is it that we have accumulated such vast amounts in the eighteen years we have lived in Addiscombe?  Do you know what we found the other day?  A box full of chinaware we have not unwrapped since we actually moved to Addiscombe!  We'd just forgotten all about it until it reappeared in the dark recesses of our workshop!  Such are the woes of the soon-to-be-moved!

But never mind.  Life goes on beyond all things mundane.  A couple of weeks ago, the Young Writers had their Picnic in the Park!  It was a truly phenomenal success, with more children turning up than ever before.  It was such fun!  And I really believe the children benefit from the change of environment. You don't get swings, birdsong and the sound of the wind in the trees in the library! And then on the Saturday before my 59th birthday, as a Birthday Treat, Steve took me to see Beautiful - The Carol King Story.  It was a terrific show and we loved it - the music was very Us - all 60s and 70s stuff.  I hadn't realised before just how great an impact this clever young American composer had on the music scene!

And on the Sunday after my birthday, we went on our early summer holiday - a lovely coach trip to Bath, Bristol and the Cotswolds.  It was the first time we had seen the Cotswolds properly - we have passed through them a number of times - but this holiday gave us the opportunity to visit some of its pretty little towns and villages; places like Broadway with its sweeping thoroughfare and Bourton-on-the-Water, rather sweetly dubbed the Venice of the Cotswolds, because of its numerous low bridges crossing the charming canal.  Luckily, Steve did not almost break his ankle on this trip.  But the heavy cold he woke up with on the Tuesday did put something of a dampener on the week.  Not enough to spoil our dinner out on Wednesday with my sister and brother-in-law, who were also holidaying in the area.

Once we got home again, everything moved very quickly - the house is as good as sold, we have found our new home - and all this means we will be moving much sooner than we thought; early August in fact!  So it is all go - which exactly what I need to do now - Day Job calls!

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