Sunday, 10 March 2013

How Can A Writer NOT Have A Title?

Not sure what title to give this today.  Not sure what I'm going to say if I am honest.  But desperately need to say something.  So here I am.  This is me.  I am Writer.

Had an acknowledgement from the other writing magazine the day after pitching the idea for The Article to them.  Nothing since, but at least they acknowledged I'd contacted them.  Nothing from the Publisher either, so may chase next week.  Have to chase when you're a writer as I am sure you know. Editors have notoriously short memories otherwise.  There's a couple of others I could try failing this first one but we'll see.

I got that job by the way.  It had been offered to me by the time the interview ended.  I start there on 3rd April so wish me luck when you wave me goodbye and all that.  The money is practically what I am on now BUT the hours are shorter - 9 to 5 (yes really - Dolly Parton has a lot to answer for), Monday to Friday.  This means I will get my evenings and weekends back, which is brilliant after three years of having them interrupted by work.  It also means I will have to change the Session days for my Young Writers and not sure if that will work.  Only time will tell.  Hope it works out.  I'd hate to lose it after keeping it going this long.

Think that's it for today.    Next time, I might even put some actual Work on to this blog.  After all - that is partly why I started it!

Catch you soon.  Good Writing!

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