Sunday, 3 March 2013

Forget ManFlu...

I am rather annoyed at myself because I have not done a new posting here for several days and this one will also be short.  But I do have a valid reason and that is that I have been knocked for six by some kind of virus.  Theoretically speaking, it cannot be normal flu because I am vaccinated against that every year.  And since I clearly do not qualify for ManFlu, I am calling it JillyBug because you would not believe how incredibly unwell I have been.  What started as a tickly cough in the middle of Monday morning last week had, by Thursday, turned into something on a real mission to finish me off.  It's true! Every muscle ached, every nerve was raw, my head was full of rocks, my chest was tight, my nose was similtaneously blocked and yet constantly streaming and the worst thing of all - no sense of smell or taste.  For three days!!!  Every drink I had, every morsal of food forced into my mouth was minus the very things that make them heavenly - I couldn't have woken up to smell the coffee even if I'd wanted to - and the food was all texture and no flavour.

This means the writing has gone totally to pot - and the first writing mag I contacted re: The Article has chosen to ignore me.  My soon-to-be-kaput-day-job is now full-blown kaput.  The company could not find me a suitable alternative so two weeks from now I shall be redundant. Luckily I already have one interview lined up this week and I have had acknowledgement emails from three others I have sent applications in to so all is not lost.  In the meantime, in between jobhunts and interviews - and now the JillyBug seems to be on its way out - I will make sure the Writing catches up with the rest of me.

I'll be back ...

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  1. Sounds like the Jilly-bug is the same symptoms I got whenever I had the flu-jab. That's why I stopped having the flu-jab! xx