Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Oh What A Glorious Thing To Be...

Definitely on the mend so have spent this evening Being A Writer.  I have pitched The Article to another magazine - and contacted a couple of publishers about maybe putting an actual guidebook together.  Have to do something.  Two weeks from now I will be out of a job!  So here is another part of the Great Plan - put an info pack together to send out to clubs, schools, libraries etc - announcing I am free to do talks, workshops, readings and the like - and that way I might be able to earn some money if another day job doesn't turn up.  What do you think?

Have Young Writers tomorrow.  Going to cover Descriptive Writing with them.  Had a pleasant hour today marking their first attempts at Limerick-writing at the last session.  Some of them seemed to click after several attempts - others found it a little harder.  But at least they tried.  All us writers should learn from these children.  Never give up, write because you love it and share the joy of it.

I'll probably be back tomorrow.  I am rather enjoying Being AWriter again...

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