Sunday, 14 April 2013

Article Update

Have just written a very angry letter to my local paper following plans to turn a former local home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into bedsits.  I don't understand my local authority's complete lack of culture interests, I really don't.  I said that if Rochester in Kent can mark their connection to Charles Dickens with two crowd-pulling festivals a year - why can't our local literary connections be celebrated too?  We have at least five renown authors to celebrate, including D H Lawrence, Allan Ahlberg (whose wonderful Burglar Bill story is still a massive hit with littluns, as well as being a personal favourite) and Raymond Chandler.  I don't know.  I sometimes despair of things like this, I really do.

Had my first Sunday Young Writers session today. Uhmm. So-so.  Not sure if this is going to work, really.  Losing my midweek day off is the one drawback to my new job (which I love, by the way) even though having full weekends back after three years without them has completely redefined my work/life balance.  And not only is that a bonus, but the fact I am sleeping better because I am shot of that gruelling two hour commute at each of my nine hour day, means I am also more inclined to sit in my study and do Writerly things of an evening - like updating my blogs or writing angry letters to the local paper!  I will give the Sunday sessions a couple more tries.  But I know most Sundays are family days, and it is also the day before the kids go back to school and an early bedtime is normally in order, so I guess I will just have to wait and see.  I am not going to give up on it.  I just may need to rethink it ...

Good news re: The Article by the way!  One of the Writing mags I contacted has asked to see it, so fingers crossed for that.  I am just waiting to find out if they want it in hard copy or electronic, then off it will go.  I am so excited!  How did I cope with the anticipation all those years ago when I was sometimes sending out a dozen MSS a week?  Don't worry, I will keep you informed - after all it was The Article that first drew us together, my lovelies!

Good writing everyone.

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