Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Writers Unite ....

Been trying to get in touch with a writer to come and chat to my Young Writers but haven't managed it yet.  Do you know one?   It would be great if they write children's plays, poems or stories because then my kids could get to meet them and ask questions and get autographs.  Be good if it is someone quite well known but obviously doesn't have to be - as long as they don't mind giving half an hour or so - we'll make sure they get a nice Cream Tea out of it!  Let me know anyway.  Fingers crossed.

Decided today that I cannot go on not publishing stuff.  It just isn't on.  The second Yucketypoo book was published two years ago now and since then - apart from my blogs - all I have managed is a couple of poems and letters.  Should be a lot easier now I will be working 9 - 5, M - F, in a place that should see me home and dinnered by about 7 o/c (instead of the 8 o/c it sometimes used to be) because I should be able to set aside a couple of hours every night to pursue my dream.  And I will, too.

I seriously thought that having two children's books published would open doors for me - and it has in a way.  Just not the way I was hoping.  I have got an utterly brilliant children's book sitting on my laptop which I know will sell, meets loads of criteria, has a female protagonist (very important if we are to give girls a more positive attitude to themselves) - and fills a massive gap in the market because there is nothing like it.  Yet two whole years of seeking an agent or publisher for it, even with my track record, has proved totally fruitless. 

I don't get it!  Surely the fact I have published stuff means my work is of an acceptable standard?  Surely the fact I have been publishing stuff all my long life means I have something to offer?  But editors and publishers and agents still seem to think I'm a complete novice.  Why do they all insist in their form rejection slips that I look at The Writers and Artists Year Book?  Where do they think I found them?  This particular tome has been my bible my whole life.  As an aspiring writer setting out at the age of 10, I used to spend ages at my local library copying out editors' and publishers' names and addresses so I could submit work.  Yet they still feel they should 'advise' me to 'check out the writers and artists year book'.  Drives me nuts! It is soooooo frustrating - especially when we all know there are people out there, that have no talent (and no right to call themselves writers) publishing books that are well - just not up to speed.

So I have now started putting some kind of plan together.  Not sure if it will work - but I will do my best to make sure it does.  And I will help anyone else who comes along to also find that dream.  Five years of running comprehensive writing courses and workshops for adults (as well as for children) gives me a bit of an edge here.  Want any advice?  Get in touch!  Want to make the most of your writing ?  Get in touch.  Fed up with ploughing a lone furrow? Who ya gonna call?   

Being able to write is a very special and magical gift, not granted to everyone so Issy Whizzy - Let's  Get Writing!  Even if you are only eight!!!!!


  1. My grandchildren love the Yucketypoo books and I started a 'Fans of Yucketypoo' page on facebook! Jilly you need to get on facebook cuz! You'll get so much more exposure! xxx

  2. Camila Batmanghelidjh CBE founder of Kids Company - a charity organisation that works with young ex-offenders and disadvantaged children through inner-city schools willingly came and spoke for free at an adult learning course run by Fiona. I think she'd be worth asking.


  3. Hi Steve. Good to hear from you. No - I haven't been ignoring you - and I do thank you for reading my blog. Sorry about Facebook, cuz. Heard too many horror stories. But thank you darling for setting up the Yucketypoo page. I am so glad the children like it! Love to Fiona and family and keep in touch xx