Thursday, 11 April 2013

Magical Ingredients ...

Hey guys.  Just what is it about Coffee Shops and writers/poets going together?  Any writer who is anyone seems to have found that same connection at some point.  I have written so many poems and stories sitting in Costa or Neros it almost defys belief.  Has anyone done a study of it somewhere?  Is it the soothing aroma of a bloody good coffee tantalising our nostrils?  The soft buzz of voices with the background twang of guitars?  The fact that there's just you, your coffee plus whatever writing impliment you have (I am still a longhand, pen and notebook loyalist I am afraid) - and you feel free of everything else going on in your life - just for that hour or so?  It is something that has long fascinated me, and something that will, for me, never change.  I seem to work best in such establishments - please let me know what you think.

Thrilled to bits.  The Young Writer Blog ( is showing over 1300 page views! I know that isn't a huge amount by paparazi standards, but by my standards, it's pretty good.  It means word is getting out there and that is so important.  Be interesting to see how our first Sunday session goes this weekend won't it!  I know I have got one lady who has wanted to enrol her young daughter for months - but couldn't because the little girl is always busy on Wednesdays which is when I used to hold the sessions.  She is now over the moon because it means they can come along, so maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all.  Anyway, we shall see

They can hold a thousand pencils
and write a thousand words
but all they ever really want
is that their voice be heard

for nothing in the universe
equates so to the young
as getting their words noticed
by penwork or by tongue

their imagination's endless
their minds as clear as page
every one of them's a writer
regardless of their age

so stand aside I beg you
and let their fount full flow
- the new age of new writers

forever may they grow

Wow - where did that come from?  And I'm not even in a Coffee Shop!!!!!!!!

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