Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Whole Month ...

How on earth did that happen?  A whole month since my last post?  Shame on me!  I will not do anything so mundane as to trot out a list of excuses other than the fact I was away for a week, my modem went down, the mobile keeps conking out, this flying saucer turned up in the middle of the night and took me to Mars ... I am way above such banal actions!!!!!  But hey.  I am here, now, right?

Finished the sessions with Michael - at least for the time being.  Our last session was three weeks ago.  His mum sent me a text last night to say he had been diligently working on a story for three hours solid and wants to know if I will read it.  How dedicated is this young writer?  I will get back to her shortly in the affirmative.

Sadly, even though the Young Writers were due to start their sessions again a week or so ago, we suddenly found ourselves minus a venue when the coffee shop we usually meet at closed sown unexpectedly.  So now I am looking for a new venue.  I approached the local library yesterday and might be in with a chance there so fingers crossed.  Failing that, I may have to think the whole thing through again.  It is a shame though.  The proprietor of that coffee shop was the first person to show an interest in the idea of a Writing group for youngsters.  She put so much into that place; it is such a shame it did not work out for her.  I hope she is able to pick up the pieces and soldier on somehow.  She deserves that chance.

Gotta go - someone coming in shortly to discuss installing solar panels and I have to hop in the shower.  Be back later with some good news though!!!!!

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