Thursday, 17 October 2013

Returning A Favor For An Old Friend ...

I  think I may have found a publisher for The Book - watch this space for further updates (and an update of The Epic will follow eventually).

Tonight I am actually writing this post as a tribute (and an apology) to an artist by the name of John W Johnson to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.  I came across his website completely by chance once day around ten years ago and found his artwork beautiful, tranquil and inspiring.  If I remember rightly, I dropped him an email to congratulate him on his fine work and, somehow or other, quite a bit of my inspirational poetry ended up on his site, giving it exposure it would not have got elsewhere. You may recall at the start of this blog, I mentioned my very first blog FIFTY AND NOT OUT and upon that for the year or so it was running, I had a number of links set up, one of which was to John's site.  Then when that blog sort of fizzled out, there was a bit of a gap - maybe three years or so, where I didn't have a blog at all.   When I finally started up the blog for the Young Writers - and then a few months later this one - I couldn't actually find the facility for setting up links ( and I still can't).

Right now however I am going to insert the link to John's site in the body of this post by way of saying thank you to John for his support all those years ago.  I also happen to think his artwork is still among the best you can find and I would love to share that with you.  So, before you log off tonight, please take a look at John's work (and John I am sorry I didn't do it this way sooner!) on

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