Sunday, 12 January 2014

On Our Way ...

Amazing things are going on in my life.  I had a meeting at the library yesterday to dot the i's and cross the t's for the relaunch of the Young Writers and guess what?  We start again on 8th March (see for more details) and have another four sessions pencilled in between then and the end of April when it will all be reviewed with more dates being added to the calendar.  I cannot believe I have managed to pull this off when the group looked, less than three months ago, as if it had reached the end of its yellow brick road!  I know it is early days yet.  Quite possibly nobody will turn up on 8th March in which case I will know I have been whipped and bow out gracefully to lick my wounds.  But  I can't see that happening. A few weeks ago two of my original members came up to me on the tram and asked when it would be starting up again.  And of course the fact it is in the library means that it can all be a little more consistent, with no last minute cancellations so I am strongly of the opinion that the library has actually saved this group and I will never ever be able to thank them enough.

All this means that I am going to be ultra busy throughout the remainder of January and the month of February getting The Word Out, contacting former members, issuing posters and flyers and just making sure everyone knows about it - and you can help by spreading the word!  So if you know any budding  J K Rowlings or Roald Dahls please tell them about Addiscombe Young Writers - and tell me too so I can send an  info pack out to them!

Had a massive fright earlier today (changing the subject just a bit) when I went to turn my laptop on.  It wouldn't work.  At all.  Well, that is not quite true.  The screen lit up but zilch happened.  I pressed this button, that button.  I pressed CTRL, ALT, DELETE time after time.  But it just glowed passively at me, not a click or a whir to be heard.  What was wrong with it now?  Steve is absolutely convinced that computers are out to get him.  I only switched it on because he wanted to go to some webpage or other (he is Technophobe personified - unless it is the TV or Stereo, and lately his basic little mobile phone which I got him for emergencies  a couple of Christmases ago, all of which he seems to master in a matter of moments - so maybe he is just a computerphobe, who knows?).  When he came into my new spacious and airy study (such bliss, I am completely at home in here) and saw the glowing screen and my dejected look he took it very personally and asked that exact question. "What is wrong with it now ?"  Followed by the grim promise that he would throw it out of the window if it did not sort itself out right now.  Then he said something that scared me even more.  "What if you can't get it back?  All that stuff on it!  All those photos!"  This made me Think with a capital "T".  I know I need to back everything up but ... erm ... how?  Most of the photos are still on the memory stick - but not all of them.  And what about my poems.  My book?  My article?  All those letters?  All that previous Young Writers stuff?  It either seems to cost a fortune or, when I finally got it back and its manufacturers sent a pop up to back everything up, I was told I needed three blank DVDs to do it for free.  So I figure I should get those tomorrow and give it a go.  You will not believe how relieved I was when it did finally awaken from its self-induced coma.  And how did it do that?  I pulled the plug on it and let its own battery die, then plugged it in and prayed it would re-boot itself. And  - phew - it did!

Anyway I think that is enough for now.  This is the longest post I have done for a while.  Hope you aren't too tired!

Good writing!!!!

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