Monday, 5 October 2015

Promises Promises

Made the decision today to make a promise to myself every single day.  I might promise myself a treat, or to do some writing, or to do a good deed or  - well - anything.  Small promises.  Big promises.  If I promise something, I will ensure I keep that promise - no matter who it is for - otherwise I am letting myself down.  So today my promise was to buy a book - either a new one, a second hand one, a remaindered one, writing one - any kind of book.  And I did.  What is more I bought a book I have never heard of before by an author who is a complete mystery to me.  But it felt right.  And - as Ollivander says in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone "The wand chooses the wizard Mister Potter ..." - so I felt that the book also chooses its reader. 

I have so lost my mojo since my mother passed away.  I am still trying to come out the other side so Positive Thinking is currently my thing - either reading a Positive Thinking Book (Og mandino's The Choice ... Rhonda Byrne's The Secret ...) or hunting down Positive Phrases - and today's book is just such a volume - The Source by Ursula James.  I will let you know how I get on with it.

Had another excellent Young Writer session on Saturday (that reminds me - must email my guest writer to confirm a date) and I am setting my six and seven year olds to write stories using trigger words or sentences - and charging my 11 year old to become my (unofficial) deputy.  Last week's sentence was And with a grin, she turned the corner and was never seen again  as the closing line.  That got them thinking.  Even more so when the assignment I set was the same sentence, slightly altered - to open a story.  I love the looks on their faces when I come up with something like this.  I can almost see the cogs turning as their creative juices kick in.  And whatever it is they always manage to come up with something. Honestly - they never cease to amaze me ...

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