Sunday, 18 October 2015

I MADE IT!!!!!

Okay - so here I am on a sleepless night at precisely 2.00 am GMT.  I was fine when I hopped into bed at 10.30.  I read for about half an hour and then felt ready to sleep.  Went out like a light but woke up an hour ago and just cannot get back.  So I thought I'd do a Blog Post to while away some time.  Hopefully when I finally go back to bed I can sleep until the alarm goes off at 5.45.  Whatever happens I will be fine till mid afternoon then I will doubtlessly be fighting to keep my eyes open at the day job.  Still I can cross that bridge when I get to it.  Right now I need to get my head clear and feel my eyes get heavy again.

So where was I last Blog Post - oh yeah - dentist.  You may be be surprised to hear that this dentophobe did attend the appointment on Friday and did have the troublesome tooth removed.  I actually walked in, filled out the form and waited for half an hour.  The lovely little nurse popped back to the waiting room a couple of times and each time I said "Don't worry.  I'm still here.  I haven't run away."  I actually felt surprisingly calm and serene about the whole thing!  When I finally met Ian - the dentist himself - (introducing myself as The Pathetic One who'd emailed) he shook my hand as if greeting an old business associate and asked about my bad experience when I was seven.  Finally I got into The Chair and he took a look.  Yes the tooth was badly decayed - did I want it taken out? Oh Yeah!  I'd got this far.  If I'd said no then, the tooth would still be there giving me a hard time!  So he took an x-ray then injected (quite a lot) of anaesthetic into my gum and after a while the entire right side of my face was completely without feeling.  That was when he removed the tooth.  Despite being rotten and as dead as a door nail, that tooth did not want to leave its warm bed and took some persuading.  But Ian knew his stuff and, at last, the stubborn little blighter popped free of its moorings and wound up in a dish.  It looked disgusting and I was glad then that I'd decided to get rid of it.  Both he and Carley congratulated me on seeing it through.  Ian said that despite the fact I hadn't been anywhere near a dentist for almost ten years, the rest of my teeth are pretty strong and healthy - I just need a couple of filling now - and a polish (sounds like we're talking about a car).

Two days later, there is still some aching in the jaw but I am hoping that is because of the amount of novocane (or whatever it was) he used and the fact my jaw was wide open for almost an hour.  If the aching has not subsided in another day or two, I will drop him another email and see what he thinks.  Where the tooth was feels ok but further back is still tender - so we shall see.

So - are you proud of me?  I'm quite proud of me, I must admit because I seriously never thought I'd see the inside of a dental surgery again.  Pray note this historic date - 16th October - the day the world's biggest coward went to the dentist ...

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