Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Article - Next Stage

Despite the fact I am madly jobhunting, I am rather proud to admit that yesterday I actually finished Draft 2 of The Article (I know - don't all cheer at once!)  It reads better, is tighter and is much less me and much more them so feeling very pleased with it.  Furthermore, I contacted Writing Magazine earlier and pitched it.  So I am now officially in the Next Stage.  Watch this space.   Had a good Young Writers session today, too - but if you want to find out more about that you'll need to look at

Want to find out what's happening since Billy-Nomates stuck his oar in?  Well - basically - zilch.  Microsoft answered my Customer Services message, sent via their Customer Services site and, guess what?  They sent me a list of links, none of which have actually helped and one of which simply took me straight back to, yep, you've guessed it - Billy-Nomates who, it seems, is desperate to receive my credit card details.  So then I tried contacting Hotmail.   But haven't heard from them.   So am now stuck.  All my contacts in the writing world are under that email address, and I can't retrieve any of them.  I think this is where I may have to admit defeat.  I refuse to yield to Mr Nomates.  My credit card number is certainly not visiting him any time soon!  I guess I shall just have to start rebuilding my Contacts list from scratch.  And this time, I might even write them down somewhere so that I am never in this situation again.

And now a quick question.  Has anybody reading this ever successfully e-published a book?  If so, please tell me all about it.  Does it work for you?  Are you earning anything from ut?  Was it terribly complicated to do?  Do you get any feedback?  Sorry - just realised that was five questions so maybe I should learn to count?  Nah ... I have always said my gift lies in words not numbers.  Me and Numbers fell out the first time I saw that maths teach whack a kid round the back of the head.  I can't think of any other reason for the head of the maths department to agree when I asked her not to enter me for my maths CSE way back when.  But my English teacher thought I was brilliant.  I even asked for extra homework ... yes, I really did!  See you again soon.

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