Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Let's Hear It For Writing Magazine!

I was chuffed to get the re-drafted Article written and emailed over to the editor after last week's euphoria at having it accepted.  No-one can tell me I am not dedicated to my craft.  This week, I am starting another crack at the Agents.  I have approached one who has asked for some samples of The Book even though their books are currently full.  Perhaps the fact the Young Writers' group has been so successful added some credence to my first approach - that, plus the list of Published Works I attached.  And yes - I haven't forgotten my promise to you that I would upload that for you and I will do that next time.  I had planned to do it tonight but I had stacks of Young Writer work to go through and comment on - and all of a sudden, it was 10.30.  Another evening gone. 

Have you ever grabbed a copy of Writing Magazine?  Please, please do as it is probably one of the best magazine for writers on the market at the moment.  I bought the June copy from W H Smiths today and it is crammed full of advice for writers of all ages and experience, from beginners to the established.  They publish a FREE newsletter too which you can sign up to on  In fact I will add that link to the profile in a second (if I can fathom out how) because believe me, everyone can benefit from it.  They don't just have how-to articles and competitions.  In the June issue there is a particularly nice tribute to James Herbert - one of my favourite writers who died, as you perhaps know, in March this year.

Anyway - high and buzzing as I am, time is marching on and I still have a quick update to add to the Young Writers' blog.  Keep writing.  And keep in touch.

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