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Children’s column ‘Eddie the Editor’ in The South London Guardian featuring stories including ‘Gilly The Guardian Girl‘ (a series that ran for four weeks), ‘The Incredible Story Of The Boy In The Tree‘, ‘The Case Of The Howling Ghost‘, ‘Christina‘s Christmas Treat‘ and a two-part story ‘The One Inch Boy Crash Lands‘, also a number of poems, features and book reviews as well as running Junior Reporter competitions.

Trebor Bassett
- ‘Jelly Baby Rainbow’, ‘The Jellyland Express’, ‘The Circus Comes To Town’, ‘Wibble Wobble William’, ‘Baby Brilliant’s Clever idea’, ‘Baby Bigheart Goes Flying’, ‘A New Friend For Baby Bonny’, ‘The Great Jelly Balloon Race’, ‘How Baby Boofuls Won The Bouncing Contest’, ‘The Jolly Jelly Band On Parade’ and ‘A Picnic At Milkshake Lake’.

William Levine - ‘’Yabba Dabba Doo’ and ‘Fireman Sam’ (under license)

Beaver Annual 1985 - ‘Touch Of Gold’, ‘Riddle Me Ree’ and ‘Inside A Snail Shell’.

Crystal - The Magazine For Writers - ‘The Girl Who Cried’ ‘Mrs Sparrow’s Christmas Scarf’ and ‘Helena’s New Coat’

Self Published - ‘Presents - A Collection Of Children’s Poetry’ (three editions 1999, 2002 and 2003) ‘Touch Of Gold - and other poems’ (2003) ‘Rivers of Thought - observations in haiku’ (2003) and ‘Nature’s Magic’ (2004)

- ‘Reading’s Cool’ in Lyrical Laboratory, ‘The Snoggleford’s Nose’ in Take A Peek’ , ‘Grandma’s Spider’ in Man On The Moon and ‘Night Vs Day’ in A Bedtime Poem For Every Day Of The Year

Books - ‘Yucketypoo - The Monster That Grew And Grew’ (Lollypop Publishing 2007) and ‘Yucketypoo Slimes Again) (Lollypop Publishing 2009)

Local Radio
- The Boot And Sock Series - ‘A Christmas Surprise’, ‘Spring Fever’, ‘The Tuppenny Mystery’, ‘Bluey’s Awful Monster’, ‘No Sign of Theprincess’, ‘A Christmas Chorus’, ‘Clover’s Christmas Cheer’ and ‘Sam Loses His Way’

Current Projects
- ‘Yucketypoo’s Big Beach Clean-Up’ and ‘My Writer’


Other Work
Articles, reviews and features in The South London Guardian, The Croydon Advertiser, My Weekly, Crystal -The Magazine for Writers, Diecast Collector, Writer’s News, Fate & Horoscope Magazine, Animal Ways, The Unexplained, Tesco Times, Reach Magazine, Linkway Magazine

Crystal The Magazine For Writers, Writer’s Forum, Linkway Magazine, Reach Magazine, The South London Guardian, Harrietsham Parish News, Candle & Keyboard, Breathe Magazine, The Ugly Tree, Daily Mail
and the following anthologies: Poems For Cat Lovers , A Few Precious Thoughts, Serendipity, Poetic Spirit, Life’s Footsteps, As We Look Upon This World, Every Kind Of Love, A Passion For Poetry, From This Moment, Friendship Is A Gift, Rhyme And Reason, Poems For Mum, Moonlit Thoughts, In the Name Of Fame, The Image Of Faith, Expressions, Poetry Now, Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing, Tributes To Dad, Capital Poetry, Life’s A Game, Images In Time, As We Look Upon This World, Valentine’s Verse, To Smile Away The Hour, It’s A Mini Adventure ,Under Your Spell , Life’s Footsteps and England

Children’s Books
“Yucketypoo The Monster That Grew And Grew” Lollypop Publishing 2007

“Yucketypoo Slimes Again” Lollypop Publishing 2009

Other Achievements
Running children’s Creative Writing Workshops and Creative Writing Courses for adults, runner-up in The David Thomas Charitable Trust Writing Awards 2003, runner-up in Writer’s Forum poetry competitions (twice) 2003, being interviewed on local radio, local TV and also in local papers, being invited to do talks at local schools and writing groups, getting The Maple Diploma in Professional Proofreading and Editing in 2005, book-signings. Founding of Addiscombe Young Writers 2012 and publication of their book Word Magic.

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