Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Write An Excerpt ...

Just thought I would add a new post tonight - even though it is already almost 11pm and I should be heading off to bed.  Got some good news earlier this evening - the Editor is pleased with the redrafted Article, so that bodes well.  Just trying to sort out an accompanying photograph then hopefully I will find out when it is likely to be published. 

The Book ??!!?? (What shall I do...?)

The Epic?  Going GREAT GUNS - estimnate I am at almost 7000 words now and still srcibbling madly.  Only been writing it for a fortnight so guess that isn't too bad.  I am finding I get most done at Caffe Nero's in Sutton - so love working in those places - and also during Lunch at the Day Job.  Got a little tip by the way for any aspring writers passing through.  You know how sometimes, short excerpts of books already published sometimes appear in writing magazines?  Or you catch a page of something in a Kindle advert?  Well next time you are feeling Blocked (as in Writers Block, not a blocked nose), then find a pen and some paper and write a short excerpt straight out of your head.  Believe it or not, several months before The Epic came into being, I actually did this when I heard a couple of my yet-to-be-invented characters chatting in my head one day.  Furthermore, even though it took me several months to actually get started, I am convinced that Excerpt is what actually set the Creative Wheels in motion.  I don't even know if that short piece will actually make it into The Epic.  But the two characters certainly have, so it is a good exercise.

Better go.  Keep yawning and getting up before 6 tomorrow.  Good Writing, Each!!

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