Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back In The Wordflow

Wrote an article today - my first one in - oh - that long and a little bit.  I was sitting in one of my favourite coffee shops (Coffee Town, Eltham - check it out) when I thought - I am going to write that article today.  And then I actually did.  Well - the first draft anyway.  It's about how  Addiscombe Young Writers ( came to be and I thought I'd offer it to Writing Magazine or Writer's Forum.  Well - I keep telling people I'd like to see more Writing Groups for Children spring up and figured an article might spur people on.  Of course, my inner writer's plan was to have dinner, get to the laptop and press on with draft 2 with one hand whilst flicking through the W & A Yearbook for submission criteria to both magazines with the other.  The shagged-out-55 year old-about-to-be-made-redundant-for-the-fourth-time-in-20-years me did no such thing, of course.  After working all day (it is getting intense now that the closure notices have gone up), I came home, had dinner - then watched a DVD,  Now it is 11.30 and I should be in bed because I'm up again at 5.45 tomorrow to get to a job that doesn't want me anymore.  Joy! 

Anyway, at least I have my writing, my Young Writers and a resilience to never give up in the face of Writer's Block to keep me going.  And a husband who loves me to bits, supports my writing a hundred and ten per cent and indulges me in just about everything (except a kitten).  I did say that I was planning to make 2013 my writing year.   Now I have refreshed my blog, given it a new colour scheme and vowed to never write grumpy stuff again, I feel as if I am on my way to a better understanding between me, my pen and my obsession with words.  I am not a great lover of the technological world we now live in - but its one major advantage is that you can publish yourself - any time, any place, any where (as the old martini ad used to say) - without all the rigmarole of postage stamps, overworked, overstretched editors and enormous competition.  If no-one reads this - hey - no big deal.  But at least I am writing ...

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  1. So you have a favourite coffee shop in Eltham? Just a few minutes from me? Let me know next time you're over. xxx Steve (cousin).